The team at Fierce Grace Brixton have been working with the Brixton Soup Kitchen to help raise funds for their new project, please find details in the below video:


Some wonderful things that some people have said about us 🙂

“I’ve been meaning to provide my feedback to you on my initial FG experience for some time now – I have a lot to say!  I used to carry two yoga memberships – Bikram in Balham and Hot Power Yoga in Clapham.  Even though Brixton is harder for me to get to than those studios, I’ve given up both those memberships to attend your studio for many good reasons.

First, the positives:

The studio is BEAUTIFUL – well done!!  Top marks to you for cleanliness, adequacy of changing space, a pleasant aesthetic and a welcoming ambiance.  I understand that there are still some issues to be sorted with the heating system, but I have to say that I enjoy the level of the heat you provide without suffocating humidity – I think it’s perfect.  The flooring in the yoga room is great – even though lots of people sweat there every day it’s always clean.  I also love the fact that you have front and side mirrors – it’s helping me to keep my spine straight!

The people who work there are AMAZING!  Frederico has learned everyone’s name. He pays attention when someone speaks to him and never loses his cool or his focus when there’s a lot going on at reception. Sophie greets us with a smile every day and she’s always happy to help with anything. They actually make us feel like they’re happy that we’re there. I’ve been to many yoga studios here and abroad and I can honestly say that your staff have created the most welcoming atmosphere of any studio anywhere.  They’re a big part of the reason that I decided to make the change.

The teachers are WONDERFUL.  I learn something every day in every class.  They’re clearly very knowledgable, and provide individualised attention to practitioners of all levels – not just beginners, and not just super-yogis.  They smile.  They help.  They seem to be happy to be teaching us.  They learn names and use them appropriately.  They’re everything teachers should be.

The content of the classes is GENIUS.  I love Fierce Grace, my body needs Core, and Classic is like a great Bikram class with a bonus.  The addition of music enhances my focus. The fact that I can get three different classes and many different teachers in a week when I practice at the same time every day is the number one reason I’m a loyal member.  Congratulations to the creators – this is a fantastic, comprehensive yoga experience.

The overall studio energy is so POSITIVE and not to be taken for granted – I know that it doesn’t happen by accident!


I actually have none.

Congratulations on creating something truly great!!  I wish you continued success.”

“Fierce Grace classes are the oasis of my day –  if i could fit one in every day I would. I always feel better after a class, more clear-headed and revitalised.  The teachers are great and the staff are always so welcoming.”

“I first encountered FGB as a hole in the ground I cycled past on the way to work. The hole gradually became a building site, which then became a Hot Yoga studio called Fierce Grace. My only previous experience of hot yoga had been in NYC in 1994 when I sweated for an hour or so in Midtown Manhattan before paying $12 for the privilege. Actually I only had $11 on me and was lectured by the Bikram teacher about being prepared to pay properly if I wanted ‘a work out’. I thought $12 seemed like a lot of money at the time and I had come prepared to pay, but had assumed that the most they could possibly charge was $10.

I started attending classes at FGB 22 years later in January 2016 when I paid just £35 for a whole 30 days of yoga. I attended 25 classes in that period and I must admit it took me 5 classes before I managed to stay in the room for the whole class. By the end of February I was hooked and decided to pay an annual fee and be in the amazing position where my yoga classes get cheaper the more I attend. This is actually true in my head, so don’t quibble.

What can I say? It’s like at the age of 49 I’ve discovered my preferred form of exercise. I have lost weight (about 2 st since January), I am stronger all round, much more flexible even though I’m still relatively stiff in the hips and hams, and I know that I will continue to try and improve my practice into the foreseeable future.

It’s hard to put my finger precisely on what it is that I enjoy about the classes. I thrive on the variety available in the classes and in the teacher’s different approaches. When my massage clients ask how they can improve the levels of tension they hold in their shoulders and in their neck (almost every client asks) I recommend hot yoga each and every time. What’s needed is core stability: from that we become centred in the way we physically react to receive and manage information at home and at work.

One of my clients has a pressure job at Lambeth Council where she gets shouted at all day by angry clients. She physically absorbs the anger that’s thrown her way and has no way of managing the tension that inevitably builds up in her neck and shoulders. Deep Tissue massage can help relieve tension but we are only going to recover properly if we learn to manage that tension. This management knowledge comes with core stability and the awareness of how the way that we receive and manage information develops the tension we carry. This can lead to stress and more pathological complications.

Fierce Grace Brixton has helped me find the path towards core stability and effective management of my own tension and stress levels: and it’s fun.”


Please find below a few videos of our very own Katie as she discusses all that is great about Brixton