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Katie Young

Katie – Owner

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FAVOURITE POSTURE – Downward dog or Tree pose

FAVOURITE THING TO DO IN BRIXTON – eat & show friends around Brixton village or Pop Brixton

WHEN I’M NOT AT THE STUDIO, I AM… at my Bespoke Textiles design studio also in Brixton, looking after our two girls or helping a fellow Mum get educated about Arbonne natural products or coaching them on their business growth.

FUN FACT – married to Nigel and I’ve live in the area for 23yrs!

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nina rashid

Nina Rashid

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Nina started her yoga journey in Kerala, southern India in the late 90s whilst flying around the world as cabin crew for a major airline.
She tried several different styles of yoga- ashtanga/Iyengar/vinyasa flow before she trained at The White Lotus in Santa Barbara, CA, 1998. She has since trained in and taught Bikram yoga, Yoga bugs (children), restorative flow, Nordic walking, Fierce Grace (of course) and is currently working on a Mindfulness programme for teens and a yoga class for breast cancer survivors.

In May 2013 Nina was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer and went through 9 months of grueling treatment, surgery,chemo and radiotherapy. Being physically and mentally strong helped her get through this very hard time in her life.
A testament to the healing and strengthening powers of yoga. Come and practice, sweat, laugh and above all appreciate life!

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razia sultana

Razia Sultana

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Razia took up yoga in 1998 on the advice of her doctor who refused to prescribe her with sleeping pills following a particularly stressful phase in her life. She practiced once a week for stress relief and continued to run and go to the gym.

In 2003 she discovered Bikram yoga. The intensity appealed to her and the practice grew until in 2007 she gave up her gym membership. In spring 2009 she took the Bikram teacher training and taught initially in California, then home in London. She did a Children’s Yoga Teacher Training at the Special Yoga Centre in spring 2011 and teaches her nieces and nephews.

Razia loves observing how yoga affects people, improves their mental and physical health and ultimately changes their lives.

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gemma payne

Gemma Payne

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Gemma trained at The Royal Ballet School & Central School of Ballet studying classical ballet and contemporary. She has performed and toured all over the world with Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures for 11 years in various productions. She was also a member of The Gothenburg Ballet, Sweden and is a freelance dancer here in London.

In 2008, after performing for more than a year with chronic patella tendonitis, she tried her first Bikram class. Not really realising how suited it was to her injury, the results within the first 30 days were incredible. The pain had been so bad that on more than one occasion she passed out at the hairdressers (some what embarrassingly), car journeys were a nightmare and performing became mentally and physically stressful. The change in those 30 days physically and mentally was remarkable and five years on she never looked back. She now looks on that injury as a blessing opening up this whole other path.

She feels very proud and privileged to be a yoga teacher now. Gemma would also like to thank DCD Dancers Career Development for their support of making her teacher training possible.

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Sara Gordon

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I’ve been practicing Yoga for over 10 years, and as a professional dancer know the practice has helped me stay focused, injury free and prolonged my career. My pre show ritual always includes Pranayama breathing. Becoming a Bikram teacher in 2011 has been part of an ongoing journey which has enabled me to teach around the United States and the UK.

For me regular practice and teaching go hand in hand. It is crucial to make the physical connection during my practice, this in turn informs the way I teach. Yoga is a journey of self discovery. As a teacher I am constantly learning, changing and sharing this with the students I teach. I aim to teach every class with enthusiasm, presence and a smile on my face.

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Krzysztof Grabowski

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My name is Krzysztof and I am Polish, however I have lived in UK for over 13 years. I started my yoga journey back in 2003 with the Sivananda Organisation.

After practicing Hatha yoga for 3 years, life got in the way of my practice, and I stopped. However, my body really missed yoga. I really felt that I needed it. I started searching and got intrigued by a hot yoga called Bikram. I tried it and from the first second I knew, it was the right choice. It not only had great impact on my body, fixing my back problems, making it stronger, but the challenging practice gave me focus and kept me sane.

I realised that the sequence of postures designed by Bikram, practiced regularly brings different benefits to each person, depending upon wants and needs. I never felt better. It influenced my life so much, that after 6 months of regular practice I decided to attended Teacher Training, however I waited another year to get my practice stronger. I graduated in Spring 2011 and I have been teaching since


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Lisa Hong

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I was a personal shopper, a stylist and a training coordinator for over 4 years. Though I worked hard, I played harder.
I thought I would be content, but something was missing. I felt there was a void.
I started Yoga in 2011 to lose weight. It made more relaxed. I dropped from a size 14 to a size 8 and I felt more in tune with what really mattered. I was hooked. I made the decision to quit my job and to go on a Bikram training course to become an instructor. This lead to completing the Fierce Grace yoga alliance training in 2014.
After becoming an instructor, I grew to be more aware of the importance of having control of what I put directly into my body. Earth grown nutrients and clean eating are now an important part of my lifestyle. I enjoy all ranges of exercise, from resistance weight training, boxing classes to cardio training.
Yoga started my journey to learning to respect my body and loving myself.
I learnt that being truly happy comes from within. If you love what you do everyday, you are on the path to loving life.

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gwen guillamet

Gwen Guillamet

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After studying in France, she came to the UK to learn English. Sport has always been a big part of her life, from Athletics to Martial Arts. She discovered Bikram Yoga in London at the beginning of  2011 and fell in love with it; the way it created a union between mind and body and the way it changed her everyday life.

Six months after practicing, she quit her job and committed to the journey, going to teacher training in Los Angeles in Spring 2012. Since then, she has enjoyed sharing her passion with everyone. She always likes challenges and wants to expand her knowledge so the next step for her is Fierce Grace yoga. Learning more about herself, and believing in yoga is a long journey and a vast world worth exploring.

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tuuli-shipster new

Tuuli Shipster

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I came to hot yoga to repair my knees after ruining them running. Although I was very much the stiffest and weakest person in the room and I sat down most of the class, I was hooked from the beginning. Not only did my knees improve faster than I ever hoped, the difference I felt both physically and mentally was huge.

I completed the Fierce Grace teacher training with Michele and her team in March 2014 and have loved teaching at the studios and being a part of the FG family ever since.

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shirley williams

Shirley Williams

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With a background in contemporary dance and eight years teaching dance in comprehensive secondary education, Shirley has sixteen years experience working with Dance, Yoga and Movement. Shirley attended the Royal Academy of Dance to obtain her PGCE: DT. Recognised as an outstanding teacher of dance education by OFSTED 2010, her choreography is currently being used as an education tool for teachers of dance by the AQA GCSE dance examination board. Shirley continues to enjoy practising contemporary dance in her free time.
Her love for Hatha yoga started in 1998 during her dance degree, where her lecturer Penny Collinson taught Hatha and Ashtanga asanas as part of their daily practice. During the last year of her degree Shirley taught Hatha yoga and relaxation techniques at community centres, working with the elderly, disabled and children.
In 2002 Shirley moved to London to pursue her dance career. After a hip operation in 2008 the early onset of arthritis was spotted; she had a second hip operation in 2012. A good friend recommended Bikram Yoga and in 2009 she returned to regular yoga practice – now in the hot room – to aid her recovery. She has been practicing Fierce Grace Hot Yoga since its launch in November 2013. She no longer has arthritic pain! Fast forward to March 2014 and Shirley was one of thirty-two first graduates to be certified as a Fierce Grace Yoga Teacher.
“I believe in engaging in a variety of yoga practices to get the best out of my body/mind and this is why I chose to teach the FG series. Its focus on strength and flexibility for the entire body and the comfortable heat allows for a unique whole body/mind workout. Hot yoga is healing me! I feel extremely privileged to be a yoga teacher – I am able to help others on a multitude of physical and mental levels and I get pleasure from giving back and witnessing their development – double win!”


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marija prevost

Marija Prevost

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Yoga for me above all is a spiritual practise, it moves beyond the physicality or feeling great, it connects me to greater inner flow of the universal energy. I spent years in my early twenties searching for deeper meaning thru leading a very unhealthy, hedonistic lifestyle in return I lost my passion and enthusiasm for life itself. This is when Yoga found me 9 years ago, it helped me clearly see all the options, possibilities and just through use of my own body it created a natural flow of unity within me, ever since than I stayed a loyal and regular practioner of this craft. I am also an artist, singer/composer, yoga has given me confidence to further develop and nurture this talent. I will be forever grateful for this and in return I would like to dedicate my time to help others find their own unique expression, feeling of joy and connection, our birthright! …Yoga is more than one way to achieve it!

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simone foster

Simone Foster

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Coming from a professional dance background, with experience in a variety of dance forms, martial arts and teaching, my yoga practice grew alongside my dancing life, starting mainly during my full time dance training at The Northern School of Contemporary Dance but was introduced to me much earlier, from which point, the seed of yoga and my health and wellness awareness was sewn.
Whilst training in dance in New York, I discovered Bikram Yoga and then continued to practice at Michele Pernetta’s studios in London, to support me mentally and physically during my dancing career.
After leaving my last full time dance position, I explored and practiced different forms and aspects of yoga further, alongside Bikram and began to focus on yoga as a lifestyle, enabling me to maintain optimum health, physical condition and wellbeing. I now enjoy the balance of yoga, dance and teaching, which all work well with my passion for traveling.
It’s exciting and amazing to be one of Michele Pernettas’s, first certified Fierce Grace Hot Yoga teachers and I am grateful to be on a journey of joy, health, wellness, and discovery with Fierce Grace and look forward to embracing everyone who will be joining me!

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kam basi

Kam Basi

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Kam fell in love with yoga in 2008 and every year since has felt himself grow as his passion for yoga grew.
Having qualified as one of the first Fierce Grace Teachers in March 2014 he finds just as much enjoyment in teaching as he does in practicing yoga. This is the main aspect he brings to his classes, Yoga should be Fun! Yes it can be challenging, yes it can be hard but as with anything in life, if you’re going to do it make sure you enjoy it!
You may also recognise Kam hanging around any of the Fierce Grace studios, if he’s not teaching or practicing yoga he can be seen in his other guise as the FG Operations Manager, he really is Living Life with Fierce Grace.

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chimezie uwahemu

Chimezie Uwahemu

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My Parents named my person Chimezie Uwahemu. In our traditions we believe your name embodies your spiritual quest. My quest therefore was to live in the completeness of the divine and uphold the balance of the universe. What a task, but we all have our part to play in this incarnation objective, overcoming life’s challenges and obstacles gaining power through realisation. With the guidance of master teachers, I practiced and excelled in martial arts and Chi Gong as a youngster, as I grow into my awareness and discipline I practice the healing arts of Het Heru and learnt within the priesthood the various techniques in spiritual reading and embodiment of the tree of life. Through the practice of yoga I was able to unite the various techniques, breathing, visualisations, sound, training the mental body I was able to cleanse my inner body freeing me of Asthma and mental blocks, I began to develop control through concentration which leads to union. I continue to grow and learn as a Yoga Teacher, willing to highlight in every being their divine nature… Peace.


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delphine carre

Delphine Carre

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Delphine was working in the City when in 2005 a friend told her about Bikram yoga. It was a revelation. She realised the good it did to her and how much it improved her well-being and her breathing. She found it so useful in her climbing and trekking and all the mountain sports that she enjoys practicing a lot.
After 25 years in the financial industry, she decided to enroll for Michele’s first teacher training. She found the experience amazing and humbling.
Her dream would be to share her experience of yoga with practitioners and lovers of mountain sports, professional guides as well as amateur trekkers, climbers and skiers. She would also like to develop yoga therapy to help people to rehabilitate from various injuries.

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lisa hood

Lisa Hood

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Lisa trained at London Contemporary Dance School and in 2005 she graduated with a BA honours. Since then she has been performing both nationally and internationally for a number of choreographers and companies.
Lisa has been practicing different types of yoga for over 9 years, such as Jivamukti, Astanga, Bikram, Hatha, Vinyasa and Dharma Mittra. She first discovered Bikram whilst training at LCDS and found that the benefits of Hot Yoga were instant on her body. She found that hot yoga helped her cure the pains and aches a dancer’s job entails, as well as providing a deep and even stretch and a detoxifying effect. She was hooked!
She has been practising Fierce Grace yoga since it was launched in November 2013, and she knew very early on that this was the discipline she wanted to teach. Lisa graduated as a Fierce Grace yoga teacher in March 2014.

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San Shella

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San completed his Fierce Grace Yoga Teacher Training with Michele Pernetta in 2014.

Prior to embarking on his training he had been practising Bikram Yoga for over 12 years as well as studying further the principles of Movement, Martial Arts, Prana, Alexander Technique and Philosophy.

San truly believes that with a regular practice one begins to see the world in a new way. ‘Whatever mood, whatever level, be it for the Physical, Mental maybe even Spiritual Attainment that you desire: come to class.’

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Omae Woolnough

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This yoga thing has got me fully hooked and I feel very blessed to be part of such a wonderful family!

Practicing hot yoga for about 8 years, teaching since March 2014

Loving that I can share this simple, healing knowledge and learning so much along the way! It’s a never ending journey.

It’s transforming and nourishing my life and it can do the same for you…


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