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Yoga and Flying

Summer is here, time to broaden your horizons and go exploring! But, flying at 39,000 feet has its downsides – DVT, stiffness and tension to name a few. Check out the top Yoga postures to keep you chilled and stretched out in the sky… and we can even help alleviate the dreaded jet lag!


How can yoga help regular fliers? Which areas of the body can it help relieve stiffness from sitting down for hours on end?


Having a yoga practice is the best preventative for issues to do with flying; the cramp, stiffness, swelling from poor circulation, and even reducing the likelihood of vein issues as the tissues around the veins are soft and open and circulation in general is improved.  This is mainly because a yoga practice opens the fascia (the connective tissue) of the body, stretches it and improves general circulation, so that when flying you already have better circulation and lymph drainage.

Then adding a few yoga movements to your flight time will just boost the already healthy functionality your body has. However keeping moving while on a flight can help prevent DVT as well as stiffness and lack of circulation. Yoga stretches can reduce stiffness we can experience in neck, shoulders, legs, hips, lower back and calves and feet.


What other benefits does practising yoga bring?

The benefits of yoga are well documented, but include greater range of motion of the entire body, no more aches and pains, increased strength, stamina, flexibility, and a greater sense of mental and emotional wellbeing. It balances blood pressure, cholesterol levels, burns calories and prevents degeneration and wear and tear on the joints. People don’t realise that nearly every other form of exercise, specifically sports, like running, cycling, football and even the gym, are ageing the joints of the body.

People are obsessed with “cardio” fitness, but at what cost?  A healthy heart and good stamina in a crippled body? Yoga is healthy for your joints, while still creating optimum fitness and stamina.

Whatever inconvenience it is to get started in a yoga practice is a tiny fraction of the inconvenience of living in a painful body or being ill.

Yoga is concentrating on the spine as the nervous system is originating from brain via spine to the entire body, so by preventing compression on the discs, the nerves benefit and therefore the entire body’s function. Other benefits are that stretching brings increased blood supply and oxygenation to the body.

Add the mental calmness and sense of vitality and wellbeing yoga brings, are what has made yoga so popular.

Hip opening, knee alignment, strength and flexibility, leg strength and full body integration and are what you should expect from any good yoga class.


What’s special about hot yoga and how does it work?

Hot yoga is taught in a room heated to between 90 degrees to 100 degrees. A reputable studio with well trained teachers will have good oxygenation and humidity, and use properly trained instructors.


The working temperature of your muscles and joints is around 100 degrees, this ensures the synovial fluid is thinned and can move around the joint lubricating it and bring nutrition. The heat warms the muscles and joints to ensure safe stretching. Far more injuries occur by exercising in cold rooms. That’s why all exercise systems have a warm up but hot yoga means your body stays warm throughout. It also means you do not feel stiff the next day. Hot yoga students will all tell you that the heat is emotionally and mentally cathartic. Seeing your body dripping with sweat, breathing deeply, feeling open, and healthy have a positive effect on our mood.

Now that Hot Yoga is mainstream, one can’t be sure exactly what you are going to get. Check your studios credentials or go to a recognized system such as Fierce Grace.


How does it work? 

Classical yoga concentrates on the spine, as that is the core of physical wellbeing, hip opening, strength and alignment, leg strength and full body integration.  It moves us to our “edge” physically and we press against this edge building flexibility and strength. The beauty of yoga is that it is just the body’s natural range of motion, usually done in static poses, so we can safely improve and strengthen whatever our level. Beginners and advanced alike work together to their own ability.


We have countless students who have reported lower blood pressure and cholesterol from doing hot yoga.

Sweating is the other reason people love hot yoga. It is an important way to detoxify the body, as the skin is the largest organ in the body. It is necessary to make sure we sweat regularly to help remove toxicity from the body.



What’s the best time of day to go to a yoga class?


Everyone is different, and really in our busy lives I would re commend just to go when you can and when fits best into your schedule. It is better to water a plant sometimes, than never. It’s beneficial any time of day. Some people prefer the buzz that a morning class gives them for their day, others love how relaxed it makes them and how well they sleep by going to class after work so they get home de-stressed from their day. If you are low on energy, go in the morning, if you find it hard to relax, go later in the day. Yoga gives you what you need. Traditionally yoga was practiced at sunrise, looking a the sun.


What type of yoga is best to relieve jetlag?

Many people swear by getting off a plane and getting to a yoga class as soon as they can as it seems to have an amazing effect on jetlag. I would recommend after all the rush of getting ready to fly, the body and mind need calming and relaxing, so a gentler class is probably more grounding and relaxing.

Jetlag can make us feel very enervated. Some people love an energizing yoga class to get their metabolism kick started and their circulation boosted, others prefer a relaxing one, some deep breathing and centering, to bring them back to a grounded feeling. Either way, getting some movement, deep breathing or stretching to relieve tension is beneficial to speed up the body’s ability to return to it’s normal rhythms.

There is a yoga protocol for jetlag which is to spin (Sufi style twirling) in the opposite direction to which you flew – you stand with your arms out to the sides shoulder height. Your head is North, left hand is East and right hand is West. If you flew East to West you would twirl turning to the left. Spin slowly for about a minute, or as long as you can. It undoes the disturbance to the electromagnetic fields that have been disturbed in your body. There have been scientific studies on this and there is a book written on this by the Adi Da Samraj.


What can long haul passengers do on board to help relieve muscle tension and stiffness?

Some really good exercises are Seated Pigeon, Forward Fold, and Yogi Twists.

For Seated Pigeon you stay seated and place your right ankle across your left knee and let your right knee drop down, it may go as low as parallel with your left. Left foot flat on the floor. Flex your right foot. Lean forward until you feel a stretch through your right hip, buttock and lower back.  One can add a twist by placing ones right arm at ones right foot or knee in this position and twisting to the left to release even more tension from the lower back and hip. Repeat on the other side.

For Forward Fold, go to the back of the plane and feet hip width apart bend your knees and fold forward keeping your abdomen and chest touching your legs. Hang down there, you can hold your elbows for a nice release of shoulders. Let your head hang. bend your knees more or less to feel hips lower neck and hamstrings stretch, but keep your abdomen always touching your thighs to protect your lower back.

While at back of plane or inside the washroom, you can place your feet hip width apart, arms at 90 degrees as if you were power walking and with knees only 2” bent you move one hip forward and then the other (as if your pelvis was a record on a turntable being rotated on a horizontal plane) do this fast while you pull your belly in and exhale through the nose once on each swivel. Bring one hip forward then the other, fast until you feel your entire spine moving and twisting. Powerful exhales. This irrigates each vertebra, brings circulation to hips, spine, digestive system, eliminatory system, tones the waist, prevents constipation and loosens, releases tension in your spine and makes you feel energized.


Happy holidays from the FG Brixton team. 


Energising Postures

Energising Morning Postures

Spring – we thought you’d never arrive!

With extra sunshine earlier in the mornings, getting up has been that little bit easier, but what about when your body still wants more snooze time?

Take a moment before reaching for the coffee. An energising morning yoga practice can work as a natural stimulant to set you up for a productive day. We explore postures to awaken the body, mind, digestion and nervous system… and FYI, some of these postures can even be done from your bed! Namaste.

1. Child’s Pose. A ‘natural’ posture is a good place to start first thing. This feels great for the body, especially at the beginning of the day, since it’s calming and relaxing. Take time to breath into the back and lower spine and enjoy the wake up effect on your spine.

2. Cat-Cow. A great morning stretch which can help to open up your whole spine. Breathing deeply in this pose will massage your organs as you alternately compress and lengthen the intestines, bringing fresh blood to the cells, which are responsible for healthy gut function. Be sure to lead from the spine and only stretch your neck as far as feels comfortable.

3. Warrior One. Feel powerful, positive and ready to face the day with Warrior One. This posture combines leg strengthening and gentle back bending, bringing energy into the body. Tilt your eyes skyward for a deeper stretch. If you’re feeling especially energetic, move into Warrior Two by bringing the arms parallel to the floor and gazing over your front arm. Maybe even set an intention for the day whilst your feeling strong!

4. Bridge Pose. Back bends are all about unlocking the energy of the spine and nervous system. Lying in a semi supine position with your head below your heart calms the nervous system and open the front of the body. Use your hands under your hips for an extra deep stretch.

5. Cobra. Open. the chest and strengthen the core body with Cobra. This posture can help align the spine and invigorate the kidneys and nervous system. A great one to do from your bed – just throw off your pillows and get ready to start the day!

Fancy seeing the sun rise in a beautiful country while practicing yoga? Check out our FG retreats here.

“Ideal for those looking to escape hectic city life and find greater balance in mind and body.” – VOGUE 

Forming that habit

It is said that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. No coincidence that our Introductory Offer also lasts for 21 days. It’s almost as if we planned it that way!

We encourage our new members to practice unlimited classes during this Introductory period and make the most of our full schedule. This gives you the opportunity to experience the full spectrum of our Fierce Grace System:series of postures which are designed to compliment each other, building strength, alignment and flexibility.

These 21 days might involve learning to touch your toes, figuring out what time of day suits your practice best, which classes support what you want to achieve or mastering side crow – everyone it different!

At Fierce Grace Brixton we embrace everyone at all stages of their practice, whatever you are working on. Naturally, this is also reflected in our classes: SOB for new members and those with injuries or who want go “go back to basics”; FG for a user-friendly challenge, enjoying the graceful and fluid movement of your body and mind from one posture to next set to music; Classic for concentration and focus – a linear stretch, working deeply on alignment, building a solid base; Deep Core to explore your Yin side, opening up those hips, releasing tension and pressure in joints; FG2 for an explorative expression; Fix for a burst of energy – a “pick me up”; and then Fierce (aka The Beast) for intermediate/ advanced students who want to take their practice to the next level – not to forget late night Deep Core Dark to deeply relax and calm the mind and spirit, ready for the night ahead in preparation for the day ahead.

Here are some tips to forming that new habit: 

1 Pick just one habit to form at a time. Streamlining is key here. It’s tempting to write a long list, but start simple and specific, like ‘I’d like to build my core strength’.

2 Start small. Set a ridiculously small goal to start and your motivation will sky rocket.

3 Forget performance, only focus on starting. Turn off the chatterbox and focus on yourself being in the moment. The FGB staff love Yoga Nidra on Sunday 5.30pm and Tuesday 5pm – it’s the perfect chance to switch off and calm the mind.

5 Have a plan for failure. Everyone has bad days, and just because you fell over in tree pose, don’t mean endgame for your yoga practice. After all, who hasn’t been in a class where a someone has fallen over? Embrace it – it happens to us all.

6 Enjoy yourself and reward your achievement. Work on habits that make you feel good and when it goes well – give yourself a ‘gold star’! Maybe treat yourself to a new yoga mat, clothes for class (I always do a great class with new leggings on!) or something delicious from Brixton Village.

Chances are if you’re reading this – you’ve already begun, but if you’re still thinking about it… we say go for it. Traditionally January is the time to start anew, but February is a month full of love, change and motivation.

Live Life with Fierce Grace

Click here for more on our classes and how they compliment each other.

Farewell Sophie: manager profile

Well, the time has come to say goodbye after a wonderful two years with Fierce Grace Brixton. Times of change always trigger pause and reflection, so here are a few words I’d like to share…

Why did you want to do the job?

I love yoga and I love Brixton, so when I heard that there was a studio opening up on my turf I was duly excited. Having been here since before there were even doors to throw open, I feel like part of the fabric of the building itself, so it made so much sense for me to progress into the role of manager.

What do you love about the job?

As with any place it is the people who give it soul, and there have been many great ones here, both past and present, staff and members, that have made the job truly enjoyable. So many interesting personalities walk through that door, varying in so many ways but with one unifying factor: a thirsts for self improvement. (This same drive for learning is actually what drew me to the position of studio manager in the first place!) Whether that’s to be stronger, more mindful, or whatever, we are all here because we are making an effort to be a better version of ourselves. You are a special group of people and I will definitely miss you. I have learnt so much from you and hope that you continue to succeed in your life journeys.

What do you feel you have created?

My Fierce Grace Brixton family.

Any last words?

I would like to sincerely thank each and every one of you for every experience shared, opportunity offered and friendship made during this time. I feel honoured to have been given the privilege to see the studio blossom, along with all those inside it.

Thanks for all the good times! It’s been a journey.

And don’t forget…


Boost yourself in Winter: Spring forward, Fall back

‘Spring forward, fall back’ might be an easy way to remember which way the clocks go when they change but they can also be a bit of a reflection of what happens to our energy levels. Motivating ourselves to exercise in the winter months can feel a bit more of a challenge, and those early morning classes are a real pill. The days are shorter, it’s harder to get out of bed, it’s cold…the excuses are SO much easier to make. But we are here to remind you of the benefits of keeping up your Fierce Grace practice this winter, when you might think you would really rather be hugging a hot water bottle in bed…

  1. IMMUNE BOOSTING. Hot yoga is great for your immune system, helping you combat the inevitable germ assault that is winter in the city.  Think of it like one of those power packs you pick up in a video game, or the real life Ready Brek glow that keeps your Wei Qi healthy allowing you to deflect germs like Wonder Woman and her magic bracelets.
  2. BEAUTY BOOSTING. The warmth of the studio also helps with circulation, giving your complexion a glow, your extremities a warm blooded hug, your muscles a chance to enjoy improved blood flow and your digestion a massage. All good news for anyone who finds their veg box is full of root veg, their skin drying out with central heating and cold air, and their hands and feet encased in so many layers they go up a shoe size.
  3. ENERGY BOOSTING. The lack of sunlight affects our melatonin levels, which in turn affects energy levels. Maintaining a regular practice will help ensure you sleep well, helping stabilise energy levels. Necessary for the ‘heads down’ approach everyone gets until early December.
  4. MOOD BOOSTING.   Exercise is a mood booster, not telling you anything you don’t already know there, but Not only that but the warmth of the beautiful Fierce Grace Brixton studio, and its happy, smiling members will give you a boost that will last all day!

Member mention: getting to 60 days…

You’ve heard of the 30 Day Challenge, right? You’ve seen those brave souls rock up at all hours, every day to the studio, ticking off each class on the white board? You might have noticed that Teresa McGovern has powered past the finish line of her 30 Day Challenge and is now heading towards her 60 Days!

Go Teresa! We love having you here every day with a smile on your face! You are truly Living Life with Fierce Grace.

Find out what makes her tick….

What brought you to yoga? For how long have you been practicing?

I’ve been doing FG since the Studio opened in Brixton (Dec 2014), prior to that I did Bikram (a little less regularly) , which I started in 2009 and prior to that I did other random yoga classes (but not a regular practice).
And how have you been finding Fierce Grace
I love it. I love the variety of the classes and I love the studio.
What made you decide to do a 30 Day Challenge?
I came back to London after having been away for a lot of the Summer, having done hardly any exercise. I’d put on weight and felt very unfit, and wanted to change that and challenge myself.
How have you been finding it? Have you noticed a change in your practice?
Really great, tough dragging myself out of bed some mornings (early morning is the only time I can really fit in classes) but once I’ve finished class I feel brilliant. The change in my practice has been slow but I am beginning to notice the difference.
We see you have been attending the full range of classes (Classic, FG, Deep Core, Fix plus SOB) therefore making full use of the integrated Fierce Grace system. Has this been helpful for the 30 Day Challenge?
Absolutely.  It’s fantastic to have the option of fix for those days when I’m short on time and I love that class.  I also hadn’t really tried Deep Core before the challenge but am beginning to really like that class too and find it’s brilliant after having done a couple of days of Classic or FG, and I weirdly find this class tougher. I’ve tried wild too and liked that, but not quite ready for the Beast yet!
Do you have a favourite class?
From a purely practical point of view I love fix, as I’m always  rushing around but I do love FG too. I especially like having music.
What is your favourite pose and why? And what is your most challenging?  

I like Camel, although it’s challenging it has such an immediate impact. Challenging – well loads – big to stretch, froggie, side crow…

On a different note – just to learn more about our Brixton community – how long have you lived in Brixton?What are your favourite things to do in Brixton? What do you like about the area?
We’ve been in Brixton since 2014, but were in Stockwell before this so were in the area.  In terms of things to do…I think we are really lucky in Brixton with loads of great eating and drinking places around the market and at Pop now, and also some great haunts locally for us up Brixton hill. The cinema is fantastic, and  I have a 5 year old, so we spend alot of time at Brockwell park.
Anything else to add…
Just thanks to all the crew at Fierce Grace Brixton.  All the staff are amazing, it really is the friendliest studio I’ve attended!
Thanks so much Teresa and keep up your excellent work!

Daylight Savings

Introducing….Daylight Savings!

Nope, not a blog post about the clocks changing, but a brand new type of membership we are introducing at Fierce Grace Brixton. For just £69 a month the Daylight Savings membership will give you access to any class starting between 10am and 5pm Monday to Friday. Yes my friend, you heard that right. £69 a month.

Why? We know our neck of the woods here in South London is knee-deep in freelancers, creative types, and people who work nights (Brixton’s nighttime economy is the epitome of booming), as well as parents whose only hope of exercising is when the kids are at school.

And it’s no swizz. The schedule at Fierce Grace Brixton is packed with options. There are at least two classes on weekdays which fall into this time slot; one at 10am and one around lunchtime, so whether you come after you drop the kids off at school, or take a class before starting your afternoon’s work you can really get your moneys worth.

According to Wiki, Winston Churchill argued that daylight savings enlarged “the opportunities for the pursuit of health and happiness among the millions of people who live in this country.”   We’re with Winston.

Buy Now

Member Mention – Cheryl Briscoe

New this year, every month we will be hearing from one of our own FGB members. At Fierce Grace Brixton we are blessed with a fantastic community. You only have to walk in through the door to feel the buzz and the love! This month’s Members’ Mention is Cheryl Briscoe.

Cheryl joined us earlier this February and has quickly become  part of the furniture, fully embracing her 30 Day Challenge as soon as she stepped in through the door! Now on Day 20 of her 30, we wanted to find out a little more about her Challenge and experience so far at the studio.

What brought you to yoga? For how long have you been practicing?

I started in 2014 – I practiced Bikram for a year then some injuries meant I had to take an indefinite break from practicing and I became quite depressed. I met Katie Gerald, Fierce Grace Brixton owner, in Brockwell Park when she was handing out fliers last summer. I had a voucher for a £5 class but I never redeemed it. Then my time had come! It was the new year, new 2016, I needed to get my head and my body straight. As I had heard so much about Fierce Grace I wanted to have a new experience!

And how have you been finding Fierce Grace?

Amazing! They should call it “Amazing Grace”!

I have old knee injuries. I suffer from periodic sciatica and lower back/coccyx issues. Since being here I have built more flexibility in my hips than ever before in my adult life, largely thanks to Nina. She is very patient – as are all the teachers, all very patient and thorough – so I have reached depths I would never have imagined.

What made you decide to do a 30 Day Challenge?

I needed something for myself and being able to give yourself 30 days in this day and age is practically impossible so when presented with the opportunity presented by the Introductory Offer I jumped at the challenge. It’s my “I” time!

How have you been finding it? Have you noticed a change in your practice?

Yes. My sleeping has improved; I can fall asleep at the drop of a hat! I have noticed my mood to be much lighter once I have had my practice – my mood is heated into sedation! Physically, I have strengthened my knees which were quite painful – I can now get into a comfortable Fixed Firm posture which also opens my lower back – an area which never got any attention but now gets a good seeing to! I am also able to get into Sleeping Swan comfortably, which was initially more difficult with the tightness in my hips.

We see you have been attending the full range of classes (Classic, FG, Deep Core, Fix plus SOB) therefore making full use of the integrated Fierce Grace system. Has this been helpful for the 30 Day Challenge?

Yes – very helpful! I like the diversity. And it is like going to 5 different studios to do 5 different sessions, all under the same roof. It has the right intensity with the correct gentleness.

Do you have a favourite class?

I have a Magic Monday with Lisa Hong to kick-start the week; Terrific Tuesday with Nina so my whole body gets therapy; Winner Wednesday where I work out my wobbles with Omae; Thorough Thursdays with my strengthening Shirley, Fabulous Fridays with lovely Sara and my spectacular Saturdays for SOBs with crystal-clear Krzysztof and my Splendid Sundays with my cup of ‘Chi, he’s like a big daddy with his children, spoon-feeding us every move, I like his patience and attentiveness and he smiles as he talks which makes you believe you can achieve it!

What is your favourite pose and why? And what is your most challenging?

My favourite pose is Standing Bow Pulling because it opens up my hips like never before so I can lift my leg higher and tilt gracefully! My worst one is Standing-Head-to-Knee – it is a passionate pain because I want to be able to get there – once I have I will have achieved my ultimate yoga goal!

What advice would you give to anyone considering a 30 Day Challenge?

I would say GO FOR IT! It is a generous gift one should give to themselves at least once a year. It cleanses your mind, detoxes your body and purifies your soul.

On a different note – just to learn more about our Brixton community – how long have you lived in Brixton? What are your favourite things to do in Brixton? What do you like about the area?

I’ve lived in Brixton all of my life, so I’m a local. I love the market and the fresh fruit and veg. My favourite Brixton attraction is the Ritzy because I like going in the evenings and dancing – they have some brilliant live jazz. It’s one of Brixton’s gems. They have a band called Future Groove and it is very much representative of Brixton – the future developments in sight! Not just a cinema!

Anything else to add
Just some words about Fierce Grace Brixton as a studio! I think it is a super fantastic facility; the showers are the best in the business; the location is perfect and the studio is 100% clean. Great reception staff. Marvelous Megan! And Tremendous Tori, Fabulous Federico and Delightful Dilana! And to top it all, you get a tea when you finish!

Thank you Cheryl, you’re a Fierce Grace Brixton rockstar and now a Brixton celebrity!
If you’ve been inspired like Cheryl to do the 30 Day Challenge, just ask at reception!

10 Tips for Sticking to your New Years’ Resolution!

It’s that time  of year again when we vow to become all-round super-humans – our healthier, slimmer, stronger, more adventurous, more travelled, more successful self is right around the corner! But how do we make that New Year Resolution stick, sadly just like those few extra Christmas pounds?

Fear not! We have collected all the top tips on how to stay focused on the path to greatness.

1. Motivation comes best from within. Decide what you want to change, not what you think you should change. 

2. One thing at a time… We only have so much willpower; don’t spread yours thin! You are more likely to succeed with just one resolution rather than many.

3. Set behavioural targets. Rather than “exercise more”, define the parameters – “I will go to yoga 4 times a week and go for a run.” That way you can measure resolution progress, tick things off and high five yourself!

4. Stay happy! Self-control and motivation thrives on a good mood. Be kind to yourself, stay your No. 1 Fan! Write things down you’re proud of where you use willpower, even down to “I got up early to go to yoga!”

5. Willpower, like a muscle, gets stronger the more we exercise it. Run even if it’s raining! Get up for class even if it’s cold… it’s hot in the studio!

6. Don’t stress out! Stress can make us hungry and tired so STEP. AWAY. from temptation, back awaaay from the muffins…give yourself a break until you’ve relaxed (probably by coming to class…) and you’re back in the game!

7. …But do treat yourself – it’s in our nature! And here’s the science to prove it: our pleasure-seeking function is located in the primitive part of the human brain; it’s hard-wired and powerful! In fact it is a lot stronger than self-restraint, a rational desire, relatively new to the human brain! We get a delicious dump of dopamine from giving into survival instincts such as eating, even when the evolved part thinks we should resist.

8. Be patient… It takes 21 days for a new habit to form and about 6 months for it to really set in. Just like your yoga postures, if you fall out, get back in! Still struggling? Tackle it in 24 hour windows.

9. All the gear’s the right idea! Incentivise yourself from the off. Buy some sassy yoga-pants to make you want to show them off every day of the week, or assemble a list of great reads if you want to read more (or come along to our Free Book Day at the studio Saturday 9th January!)

10. Map your successMany of us are visual, goal-orientated creatures. Clock in days throughout the year to assess your resolution progress. You can always go a step further and get geeky with it by marking % achieved against % time completion… rulers and felt tips at the ready!

Why not make our 30 Day Challenge your 2016 Resolution? Come to class every day for 30 days and see enormous advancements in your practice as well as getting your name in shining lights (or board marker) on our new 30 Day Challenge board by the studio entrance!

1st Anniversary Weekend

Thank You for making this year possible – come join us celebrating our 1st year in Brixton! Here’s what we have planned over our Birthday weekend – as we think Birthday celebrations should last longer than a day!!


Friends Open Weekend 4 -6th December

As it’s our Birthday, we’d like your friends to join the party too. The more the merrier right? Over our Friends Open Weekend, we’re inviting all members to bring along non-Fierce Grace friends for free. You can bring along one friend per class, proving they register online before hand. This also makes you eligible for our 1-2-3 -FREE offer*; whereupon getting three friends to sign up  -equals one month of free classes for you! *Ask at reception for more details.


Funky FIX & Party 5th December

Come and get your FIX to loud funky music, followed by our anniversary party.

Fix class 5.30 -6.30pm – Book Online  

Spots are first come first served. Funky Fix is included in any Fierce Grace Brixton membership. If you do not have an active package just pay the drop-in fee.

Anniversary Party 7pm – late, music, dance, drink and pizza. Book Online

Invitation open to anyone who has attended Fierce Grace Brixton in the last year or who comes to Funky Fix.

It has been such an incredible year – we can’t wait to see what next year has in store for FGB.

We’d like to say a huge Thank You to all our loyal supporters who’ve been on the journey with us so far, and what better was to do that by throwing a party, of course!