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Boost your protein with Cake!

FG owner, Katie explains all about her unique Cakes & Shakes event and the benefits of protein high snacks…
Did you know you can bake amazing cakes with protein powder?
Its hard to believe how versatile whole food protein in powder form can be; along with your coconut oil or cocoa nibs, they’ve swiftly become staples of the new-clean eating kitchen cupboard in many families!
The protein powder we choose here at FGB is a vegan, super food made from yellow split pea, cranberry and brown rice protein. It’s clean, it’s pure, it’s gluten free, dairy free, whey free and nut free and there are no artificial sweeteners, colourings and preservatives in there either. We have our fridge stocked with our ready mixed “to go” version – for your ease straight after a class, and there’s also individual 20 grams servings sachets to blend yourself at home.
Whats more, it’s packed with 20 essential vitamins and minerals, it has a full amino acid count – which is rare to find in any plant based or vegan food, making it a delicious nutritious power-packed meal. When made as a smoothie or a cake snack it will carry you through breaks and dips in energy when you need a neat homemade superfood treat.
Why do we need protein? 
In all meals you should aim to balance 20 grams of protein; whether your a vegan, pescetarian or meat eater, along with leafy greens, some of your five a day fruit and vegetables and little whole food carbohydrate –  preferably slow releasing (i.e. brown rice rather than white, sweet potato rather than white potato etc).  In fact, you’ll need this combination even more so after a yoga class or workout, as it’s been proven that 20 grams of easily digestible protein within 1 hour of exercise restores muscle repair and growth, prevents tears and can even illuminate those pesky achy muscles!
What is this power-packed Recipe?
All you need is a couple of eggs, almond or rice milk and some protein powder, plus a sprinkle of your favourite extra, I use cranberries. What I’s like to add is that mostly people use their protein powder for shakes or smoothies, which is a great way to combine with your super greens, berries, flax and nuts (not your husband’s!) to make a great meal after yoga, but sometimes you want something you can bite into, and this is where the protein powder is genius for baking.

Using a large fork mix all of the following ingredients in a medium bowl:

-4 scoops Arbonne Meal Replacement Shake mix (vanilla)
-1 tsp baking powder
-1 tsp vanilla extract
-1 egg
-1/4 cup egg whites
-1/4 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk

Spray muffin tin with cooking oil spray and pour batter, filling each tin about 3/4 full. Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes until golden on top. Yum!


On Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th, we join Katie, FG owner and resident protein lover in the studio, sharing recipes, cakes and free samples for you to try and buy all at 20% off this weekend ONLY.

A clean eating role model for us all,  Katie has spent over half her life living gluten and dairy free, discovering many great and varied ways to eat well and this in turn saved her from the diagnosis of a crippling disease, Endometriosis. She is happy to answer questions on a wide range of health spectrum and also including ways to Live Life with Fierce Grace.
RSVP to reserve your cake!

Fierce Grace Brixton goes bananas…

Huzzah! March is here and Spring’s on its way!

For those of you who practiced with us this Monday 29th February, you’ll have enjoyed our free fruit give-away of 29 bananas, 29 apples and 29 oranges to celebrate a whole extra day of the year to practice yoga! We’ve since been feeling a little bit fruity, so this week we are bringing you some sweet facts about your lunchbox favourites:

Useless but nevertheless fun facts about bananas

·      The clever name for the banana is musa sapientum, meaning “fruits of the wise men”… We knew it.

·      Bananas were initially brought to the Americas in 16th century from West Africa by Portuguese sailors – bananas, we had no idea you were so exotic!

·      Bananas gained their popularity at the 1876 Philadelphia Centennial Celebration where they were sold in foil wraps

·      Fyffes, the British Banana supplier, received its first order in 1888.

·      There are almost 1,000 varieties of bananas worldwide, growing in over 150 countries, producing 105 tonnes a year.

·      More than 100 billion bananas are eaten every year globally, making it the 4th most popular agricultural product.

·      In the UK, we average 10kg bananas a year per person, about 100 each and collectively over 5 billion.

·      Uganda is the highest consumer of bananas, with an average of 500 pounds of bananas per person per year. In fact, the Ugandan word for food ‘matooke’ means both ‘banana’ and ‘food’.

·      India and China are the largest producers of bananas.

·      Bananas grow on plants, rather than trees, which are actually classified as a herb, making them the world’s largest herb. They are also classified as berries.

·      Banana plants can grow up to 25ft high with leaves measuring over 9ft long and roots over 100 years old.

·      About 75% of banana’s weight is water, where as apples are made up of 25% air. Both fruits therefore float in water, as do watermelons.

Useful fun facts about bananas

·      The riper a banana gets and the greater the amount of brown spots forming on the skin (the point that most of us aim our ripe bananas at the dustbin), the higher the amount of TNF they contain. Tumor Necrosis Factor is a chemical which has the ability to rebalance abnormal cells within the body, combating tumour cell growth.

·      Full of antioxidants, bananas boost our immune system and increase our production of white blood cells.

·      A low glycemic carbohydrate, they are packed with vitamins and minerals. Our body converts the high levels of the protein tryptophan into serotonin which helps us to relax and maintain a happy mood!

·      The low sodium, high potassium ratio contributes to healthy hearts and blood pressure; Eat your heart out!

·      Rub the inside of a banana skin on a mosquito bite and the natural oils will stop it itching and reduce inflammation. Apply it also to a burn for a speedy recovery or fix it on top of a splinter so as the natural enzymes can draw the offending item to the surface of the skin!
The inside of the peel can also whiten teeth and shine your shoes!

Ultimate banana tip: Peel a banana from the other way up to avoid the stringy bits! GAME CHANGER

Stay healthy and living life with Fierce Grace! x

Best part of the Avocado you probably throw away

Frequently found ‘smashed’ on artisanal sourdough or in guacamole form in Brixton’s tastiest Mexican restaurants, the humble Avocado has become a thing of cult status, featured on many an instagram feed.

At FG, we love them too; in smoothies, on crackers – you name it. Imagine our shock when we found out that we could be throwing away the best part? The avocado seed!

Apparently the seed contains 70% of the fruits antioxidants, which is more antioxidants than most fruits and veggies on the market and polyphenols like green tea, plus they are full of more soluble fibre than just about any other food.

Pennsylvania State University recently launched a study on the benefits of avocado seeds and found that the phenolic antioxidant compounds in the seeds may lower high cholesterol, high blood pressure, reduce inflammatory conditions, diabetes, and boost your immunity. The seeds even have insecticidal, fungicidal, and anti-microbial properties.

Any heart disease patient must eat the avocado including the seed.” – Dr. Tom Wu

Dr. Wu has earned the “Remarkable Contribution” award from the American Cancer Society and the “World Famous Doctor” award from the United Nations for his breakthroughs with diabetes and cancer.

Avocado seeds have more soluble fibre than even top tier fibre providers. It has antioxidants that help regulate intestinal function and have even been shown to prevent tumour growth. Additionally, the oil within ups the amount of collagen in our skin, keeping it young and wrinkle-free, as well as shining up the hair so that we remain good-looking, too.

So what’s the best way to eat the seed? Cut the seed out as usual and slice it into quarters, then pop it in a high-speed blender until it becomes powder. The easiest way to get the benefits of avocado seeds is to add them to a smoothie or a juice. It won’t affect the taste and makes it a little bit richer and thicker.

Here’s a great recipe using the whole Avocado:

Avocado Seed Green Goddess Smoothie

1 cup nut milk or water

1 ripe pear

2 handfuls of fresh spinach

½ Hass avocado

½ Hass avocado seed

Small piece ginger grated

½ apple

Whizz in a high-speed blender and enjoy!

So next time your fancy some gorgeous creamy avocado, hold onto that seed that makes you glow.

Protein smoothie

Post Fierce Grace Protein Power-Up

Chances are you often feel pretty hungry after a Fierce Grace class, especially after an early or late session.   You have worked hard, worked up a sweat, woken up your digestive system and now you need fuel. Well we are big fans of protein shakes at Brixton – honestly they’re not just for bodybuilders!! Why?

1. Protein promotes muscle growth and repair
2. It fuels fat burning
3. It keeps you feeling fuller for longer

All proteins are comprised of amino acids. Essential little dudes, these are the building blocks of life! Hair, muscles cartilage, in fact every cell in our body, our hormones, even our enzymes contain protein.

The protein products we have in the studio are a quick and effortless way to get high quality nourishment on board, ideal post workout as your metabolism will be firing on all cylinders but your digestive system doesn’t have to work very hard to get the goodness.

Most protein powders are made from either whey protein or soy protein, but we have chosen a different vegan powder for the studio, and here’s why…

Soy based protein can be from GM sources.  It also has oestrogenic effects, wreaking havoc with our fine balance of hormones and having a huge impact on our thyroid health.  Not to mention that the vast expanses of land needed to grow the highly-demanded soy bean leads to deforestation and global warming and destruction of rare species and fragile ecosystems!

Whey protein is composed of processed bovine blood proteins, they don’t tell you that in the shops do they? Unfortunately, the cows used to produce this product are almost invariably reared in inhumane conditions. They are fed on unnatural foods like grains and pumped with antibiotics to prevent the spread of any bacteria that thrive in the types of poor conditions they live in, (if the cows are eating it so are you!) This has several unseen repercussions, including the originating and spreading of global superbugs that are resistant to antibiotics. No one wants that.  I hope, upon reading this, when opting for any dairy or beef products you will choose those that have come from grass fed cows. (If you are interested in learning more about this subject, I recommend reading Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer.)

For these very reasons we use Arbonne essentials vegan Protein Powder which is a combination of pea, rice and cranberry protein, By combining these 3 plant based powerhouses you end up with a protein powder that is pretty impressive:

Cranberry protein is the only 100% plant protein that contains 25% complete protein, including all essential amino acids. It’s also a powerful detoxifier, diuretic, immune booster, reducer of cellulite, and can help improve skin conditions, circulatory health and cholesterol levels.

  • Peas are a high fiber, low calorie, nutrient-dense superfood, satisfying all essential amino acid requirements. They’re great for restoring the body’s nitrogen balance after intense exercise, help increase muscle mass while reducing body fat, improves vasodilation, calcium absorption and the immune system.
  • No cholesterol
  • Low glycemic index
  • No bloating, gas, indigestion or constipation/diarrhoea
  • Hypoallergenic
  • No estrogens, antibiotics, GMO and not loaded with artificial sweeteners and flavours
  • Gluten-Free
  • Reduced lactic acid and ammonia build up
  • Pre-digested, resulting in a 98-99% digestion efficiency, so you need less
  • Increased nitric oxide production, decreasing blood pressure

Protein Power-Up Smoothie Recipe

You will need:

1 apple ~ 1 banana ~ 1 avocado
~ juice of 1 lime ~ 1 handful blueberries ~
1 handful soaked cashews
~ 1 handful raw spinach and/or  kale ~
1 scoop Arbonne Vanilla Protein Powder*
~ cucumber (to taste) ~ ice (optional)

For that extra twist try chucking in either some fresh ginger or mint leaves!
You can try playing with your preferred consistency by adding water or almond milk.

Bung it all in a blender or food processor, wizz it up and enjoy! (Suitable for freezing. Serves 4)

*Available to buy here or at the Fierce Grace Brixton Studio