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Stiff, Old or Broken?

At FGB, we’re taking teachers’ injury knowledge up a level with many of our Brixton teachers recently taking part in a 6 day SOB training – even those who presently teach it.

Ex-professional dancer and Brixton teacher, Lisa Missah tells us about her experience over the 6 days.

What did the week entail?

Over the course of the week we covered detailed studies of major back issues, including problems with discs and the sacroiliac joint, as well as the psoas muscle, hamstrings and injuries to the knees.

What is an injury?

An injury can be a specific problem to a particular area of the body, back, knees, hip or shoulder. However some people who practice yoga have a general ache or pain that doesn’t necessarily have a diagnosis: this is very common with the back, in particular. Injuries can be caused in many ways, through sport, accident or general wear and tear; poor posture, long periods of sitting in the workplace and the use of our smartphones can all contribute.

What has the training brought to your teaching?

Not only are increasing numbers of people referred to yoga to assist in strengthening a weakened physical area, but also as a preventative method for further problems. Therefore, it is imperative that the teacher has a good solid understanding of possible injuries and the necessary modifications and props to apply within postures to achieve the best results.

What has the training brought to your own practice? 

The training has given me a much deeper understanding of injury identification, necessary modification and how to approach students with care and a sense of empathy. I am interested in yoga from a therapeutic point of view and the SOB training has definitely enhanced this for me; especially in my own practice, as an ex dancer with 2 prolapsed discs!

An example of this understanding would be: identifying when to take the stretch a little further and when to back off. Using this knowledge enables the teacher to modify postures and give individual attention to members displaying different injuries, even in a busy class!


At FG Brixton, you’ll find SOB every Sunday 12.30pm: excellent for beginners, those with injury and we’ll help set you on your path to do the other classes with an understanding of your physical issues.

Omae Top Tips

First classes can be overwhelming and great at the same time. Even if you’re coming back to FG after a seasonal break, it’s useful reconnect with your intentions. We chat to FGB teacher, Omae about her Top Tips for hot yoga practice… one of the biggest she says: ‘be kind to yourself’. Spot on, Omae. Thank you!


What brought you to teach Fierce Grace yoga?
I’d been working at the studio and practicing Bikram for about 6 years but as soon as I tried Fierce Grace I knew I was ready for a change. So when Michele announced the very first FG teacher training it was too good an opportunity to miss! It was four intense weeks but the real life changing experience starts when you get up and teach your very first class. I was terrified! I still get nervous but I don’t allow my nerves to get the better of me 🙂
Any advice for newcomers?
First time in the hot room can feel amazing but it can also be overwhelming! It’s different for everyone so come with an open mind. Get used to the heat by taking it very easy and pacing yourself…. get used to breathing through the nose. Rest as much as you need. Expect to feel exhausted as you are working twice as hard as anyone else but it does get easier.
What about advice if you’ve been practicing a while?
Those that have been coming a while can face their own set of challenges. Learning how to be kind to yourself can be one of the biggest. Don’t feel you have to push push all the time! Sometimes it’s about holding back and really listening to your body, accepting yourself just the way you are. There’s potential for transformation but it can be a long, hard journey. Connecting with breath is the surest way to advance your practice.
How do you encourage people out of their comfort zones?
Try out the different classes and teachers. If you always have the same spot in the room change it up a bit! Sometimes it’s small changes that make the difference. Noticing your habitual patterns is the first step, we all have them! Practice giving your full attention to any task you do, including your practice.
And tell us about evolving your own practice
This has been a real journey for me and very humbling. I love this yoga so much and it’s become such a big part of my life! However the last few months I’ve had to really learn how to hold back as an old back injury has resurfaced and it’s really affected my practice….I can’t do half the stuff I used to do, and as a teacher, that’s hard! But I see lessons everywhere and I know that there’s a huge one here for me. It’s actually given me a valuable opportunity to understand just how important breath and awareness are. I’m gradually getting stronger again and I’m strangely grateful for this experience.
Is there anything else you’d like to add?
I’m having a wonderful time teaching at FG Brixton, it’s a beautiful, well run studio with amazing staff and students, I love it here! We are all one community and this incredible practice gives us the chance to not only connect with ourselves, but also each other.
Here’s to a year of positive change, more love, more understanding, more Peace!
Wise words, Omae! Want to know more? Come to her classes on Wednesday 10am and 12.30pm at FGB.

FG Teacher Training Grad: Feng

Tales of Teacher Training – Meet Feng Cal, One of This Year’s Graduates


So many members express an interest in finding out more about the Fierce Grace Teacher Training. Whether you want to change career or just go even deeper, this intensive course is guaranteed to take you to a whole new level. So we thought we’d have a chat with Brixton member and one of this year’s graduates, Feng Cal.


What do you do?

My day (and sometimes night!) job is a finance lawyer in the city.


What do you love about your jobs?

I love the fast paced nature of my day job – building client relationships, working in a team and executing deals. It’s a busy and often stressful environment where you have to think on your feet and respond quickly. Teaching yoga actually uses a lot of same skills – building relationships with your students, encouraging teamwork and making sure that we all finish the class together without any dramas or mishaps!


Why did you take one month off to do teacher training?

It was a “now or never” opportunity! I happened to have a natural pause in my career development so used my 6 weeks of unpaid leave to do my TT. It really was a case of everything lining up perfectly.


Tell us about your own yoga practise

I have been practising yoga for over 4 years now and I have hugely benefitted from my practice, both physically and mentally. Physically, yoga has developed my strength and flexibility, helping to prevent injuries and protect my body from damage from other high impact sports such as running and rock climbing. Mentally, yoga helps me to relax and set aside time (and space) for myself, helping me to find balance in my daily routine. I was drawn to FG by the flexibility of the 6 class system, the friendly and knowledgeable teachers and the strong sense of community.


Why did you want to do it?

I wanted to do the FG TT so that I could teach at FG Brixton! For me, yoga has been this amazing journey which was bought so many benefits into my life. I want to share those benefits with the local community, regulars and newcomers, advanced practitioners and those who are just starting. I know how much of a difference it makes to have a supportive yoga teacher and doing the TT is hopefully just the first step in helping me to become the best teacher I can be.


What was it like?

It was a very demanding TT but also a very supportive TT. You are fully immersed for the month, trying to absorb as much as you can from the senior teachers and the excellent guest lecturers and benefitting from the support of your fellow students.


What did you get out of it?

I learned so much from my fellow students. We were a diverse group, from all walks of life and a wide range of ages yet we all supported each other. We recognised our own strengths and weakness and improved our teaching through feedback and supporting others.


Was it worth it?

Definitely! I know the TT is an expensive course but personally I loved being able to completely focus on the yoga and do it full time for a month. Plus, the second half was held in Italy, in the gorgeous retreat house with sun, pool and home-cooked Italian food – what’s not to love?


Would you recommend others to do it – if so, why?

Yes – if you want an in-depth hands-on training course that focuses on helping you learn how to teach more than anything else, the FG TT is one of the best out there.


Strike a Pose: Paula Cronin explores Side Crow

This month we discover Posture Secrets from FG Teacher Paula Cronin.

Paula is a regular teacher on a Monday morning and evening. She’s the one setting you off for the week ahead with that oh-my-goodness-it’s-so-dark-outside 6.30am FG class. We thank you Paula!


Posture: Side Crow – Eka Pada Koudinyasana. (Arm balance or Circus trick?!)

BenefitsArm and hand strengthening. Upper body strength. Balance. Lower spine flexibility.

Side crow was always my nemesis.  It was the one pose I couldn’t do in the whole FG integrated system.  I always figured that it was because of my knee injury or due to my thoracic outlet syndrome.  I tried, but didn’t get it and felt very frustrated in the posture.

However, I first did Side Crow in my FG teacher training.  We were doing one of our many posture workshops, and even though I was really scared (and quite frankly ashamed), I got up in front of everyone to admit this was a posture I had never managed to do.  Then in front of everyone Michele talked me through it: I did everything she said (and it truly is all about the set up), I took my time, and I was in. Not only was I in my first ever Side Crow, but I STAYED in, for like, ages!  I even remember looking up at Michele while I was holding the posture, and mouthing an expletive which could, for the purposes of this piece, be described as ‘Wow!’ I even cried. I will never forget it. 

I see so many students in every FG class struggling in the same way and the chatterboxes in their heads are winning; “this is too hard, I’ll never be able to do this, oh this is for the advanced yogis, I will fall, I will embarrass myself, who do I think I am thinking I can do Side Crow.”  Perhaps unsurprisingly, this is the most “I’ll just sit this one out” posture around. To be honest, I used to do the very same thing as I thought I wasn’t ‘good enough’ to do it, that it was ‘too advanced’ for me.

But the truth is  – everyone can do Side Crow (of course as long as injuries such as wrist strain don’t contraindicate it). 

So it is important to listen to the teacher and follow instructions step by step.  If one step is missed out, the set up is incomplete and it won’t come together.  I see lots of people trying to get into it before setting up properly.  This just causes frustration, disappointment, and a misconceived belief that the pose isn’t for them.

So here we go – The Setup

Firstly, the key part of making Side Crow work – is having the forearms vertical. You are, in a sense, creating an upper arm shelf and moving the weight onto the vertical forearms; a bit like resting on a table or chair. 

– Ground the base of the knuckles down into the floor (like crow claws!)
– Bend your elbows to create a vertical shelf with your forearms to take the weight
– Lift your hips high to drop your knees on top of the elbows
– Look forward
– Lift you legs!
Mindful set up.

Mindful movement.

Successful Side Crow!

So next time you are taking the Fierce Grace class don’t hesitate to ask the teacher to assist in giving it  try – it’s easier done than said!

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

Feel the Fierce!

You’ve seen it on the schedule. You’ve thought about it… twice. You were on your way and then found a burning desire to go to Wahaca on Saturday instead. You’re not sure you’ll be good at it. What if everyone can get their leg behind their head? What if everyone else is levitating when you arrive???

Now, it’s time to zip up that chatterbox and step outside your comfort zone. The worst that can happen is you fall over laughing! (I did)

Fierce is a wonderful sequence of postures, which are accessible to all, but take your practice to the next level, with fun and laughter along the way. If you’re new to it – Fierce is a friendly, safe place where you can try postures out for the first time and learn the developments of poses from other classes. If you’re experienced – Fierce will stretch and guide you to new heights.

When I did Fierce for the first time last week, I found it a really open environment, lots of encouragement to try something new and even surprised myself with what I could achieve. Yes, there are some super challenging postures to aspire to, but it’s a great feeling to get part way there. It also felt like a collective, as over half had never done the class before.

Krzystof kindly took some photos of us during the class and when we took a look afterwards, we were all really pleasantly surprised at how well we did – hey, we even looked good!!!

Alternatively, if your just starting at FG or have any injuries, get yourself down to our SOB class every Sunday. This is a user friendly class where there is more time to understand how to work safely and effectively, get to know the poses, learn modifications and ask questions. Know what works for you and your body. Better still, if you have a friend who is FG-curious, but maybe a bit unsure, bring them along as a big open-armed introduction to our classes and what can be achieved with regular practice.

It’s been said that we should aim to do 3 things each day that scare us: a daily risk quota if you will. Start this by coming to Fierce on Saturday, challenge yourself, do something that scares you; be Fierce!

Boost your protein with Cake!

FG owner, Katie explains all about her unique Cakes & Shakes event and the benefits of protein high snacks…
Did you know you can bake amazing cakes with protein powder?
Its hard to believe how versatile whole food protein in powder form can be; along with your coconut oil or cocoa nibs, they’ve swiftly become staples of the new-clean eating kitchen cupboard in many families!
The protein powder we choose here at FGB is a vegan, super food made from yellow split pea, cranberry and brown rice protein. It’s clean, it’s pure, it’s gluten free, dairy free, whey free and nut free and there are no artificial sweeteners, colourings and preservatives in there either. We have our fridge stocked with our ready mixed “to go” version – for your ease straight after a class, and there’s also individual 20 grams servings sachets to blend yourself at home.
Whats more, it’s packed with 20 essential vitamins and minerals, it has a full amino acid count – which is rare to find in any plant based or vegan food, making it a delicious nutritious power-packed meal. When made as a smoothie or a cake snack it will carry you through breaks and dips in energy when you need a neat homemade superfood treat.
Why do we need protein? 
In all meals you should aim to balance 20 grams of protein; whether your a vegan, pescetarian or meat eater, along with leafy greens, some of your five a day fruit and vegetables and little whole food carbohydrate –  preferably slow releasing (i.e. brown rice rather than white, sweet potato rather than white potato etc).  In fact, you’ll need this combination even more so after a yoga class or workout, as it’s been proven that 20 grams of easily digestible protein within 1 hour of exercise restores muscle repair and growth, prevents tears and can even illuminate those pesky achy muscles!
What is this power-packed Recipe?
All you need is a couple of eggs, almond or rice milk and some protein powder, plus a sprinkle of your favourite extra, I use cranberries. What I’s like to add is that mostly people use their protein powder for shakes or smoothies, which is a great way to combine with your super greens, berries, flax and nuts (not your husband’s!) to make a great meal after yoga, but sometimes you want something you can bite into, and this is where the protein powder is genius for baking.

Using a large fork mix all of the following ingredients in a medium bowl:

-4 scoops Arbonne Meal Replacement Shake mix (vanilla)
-1 tsp baking powder
-1 tsp vanilla extract
-1 egg
-1/4 cup egg whites
-1/4 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk

Spray muffin tin with cooking oil spray and pour batter, filling each tin about 3/4 full. Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes until golden on top. Yum!


On Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th, we join Katie, FG owner and resident protein lover in the studio, sharing recipes, cakes and free samples for you to try and buy all at 20% off this weekend ONLY.

A clean eating role model for us all,  Katie has spent over half her life living gluten and dairy free, discovering many great and varied ways to eat well and this in turn saved her from the diagnosis of a crippling disease, Endometriosis. She is happy to answer questions on a wide range of health spectrum and also including ways to Live Life with Fierce Grace.
RSVP to reserve your cake!

Teacher Feature – Paula Cronin

Paula joined us this year, with her energising and warming 6:30am Monday class creating the best start to the week. With the addition of an extra Yoga Nidra class each month, starting in June we thought we would take the opportunity to get to know Paula a little better and learn more about the benefits of ‘Yogic Sleep’…

Paula! Tell us a little about yourself to start…

I’m a proud Kiwi, born and bred! However I lived a great deal of my life in Perth, Western Australia, before moving to London over 11 years ago – I was only supposed to stay two years! Clearly my love of travelling and all things exciting about London drew me in. However, the call of my mountain and my ocean back home is strong, and New Zealand will always be home to me.

Before becoming a yoga teacher I was a Social Worker for over 14 years, both in Australia and UK.

Throughout my Social Work career I chose to specialise in therapeutic areas such as counselling, group work, training, mentoring, developmental and policy work, and practice development; working in areas such as substance misuse, domestic abuse, mental health, and hospitals, to name just a few.

Healing and striving to reach one’s potential is accomplished by working organically and at each person’s pace. I have always enjoyed forming positive relationships with people, as it is the positive connection which enables that growth and that healing. I wanted to work ‘with’ people, rather than ‘on’ people, and I find this with yoga as well.

How long have you been practising yoga?

I started practicing Bikram yoga in 2008 at North studio and continued on when it transitioned to Fierce Grace. Clearly the choice of classes, the interconnected system, the flow and freedom of the practice resonated with me, and I completed my teacher training with Fierce Grace Yoga in March 2015.

This year I chose to take the leap of giving up my full time Social Work career to focus on teaching yoga full time, and I am loving every minute!

How did you come across Fierce Grace? What did you love about FG in particular?

I had always been intrigued by yoga but had somehow never properly made it happen, and then I heard about this popular hot yoga, Bikram. Honestly, I’m not someone who even enjoys the intense heat. I have never been a fan of saunas, for example – in fact before my knee injury I used to save most of my (then) annual leave to go snowboarding at least three times a year in the winter. However, I was really curious and ready for something to challenge me. I went, suffered all throughout the class, went home, felt amazing, and kept on coming!

FG in particular, the choice, the flow, the freedom, you can choose a class with music or without and choose a class for your schedule, mood and day. Like life, days and moods change, and it is great to be able to change it up accordingly.

How many times do you practice a week?

I try to practice formal classes in the studios at least 3-4 times per week. I supplement this with self practice, sometimes after teaching classes, and also with using the gym facilities following teaching my health club classes.

I really notice it if I don’t practice regularly. I don’t feel as light or as strong, I can’t ‘shake things off’ as easily, and it means I don’t get that ‘me’ time to breathe and centre. I always feel better physically, mentally and energetically when I practice, and so, I keep practicing!

What is your favourite posture?

I feel amazing after Camel (Ustrasana). I love the feeling of the big backbend. While I do also enjoy Standing Bow, Camel without the balance gives the opportunity to go deep, get the stretch all the way up through the throat, and to truly open up the front side of the body. I think the release and the feeling of spaciousness is so precious, and it’s so easy to go through day to day life never moving in this way. I appreciate what Camel gives me, to the point where I look forward to two of them when I practice the Classic class!

Another favourite for me is Frozen Cartwheel (Ardha Chandrasana). I love the expansiveness of stretching my arms and legs out like a starfish! And the balance gives more challenge – I can feel it working every part of my body and I know there is always room to grow in it, so the pose for me is continually evolving.

And the most challenging?

One of my most challenging postures would have to be Utkatasana Advanced Chair Twist. If you do this properly and really sit the hips down and back with the weight in the heels trying to get the thighs parallel to the mat whilst pressing the inner thighs together, and engaging the core while emphasising a back-bending twist, you really start to feel it! There is a lot going on at once, and I always feel it deep in the quads!

What differences would you say yoga made to your life?

I love the way practicing yoga makes me feel in my mind, in my body, and how that lifts my spirit.

Physically I feel exhilarated after class – I’ve noticed I stand differently – literally stronger and taller, and I can feel all the different parts of me working together. It’s hard to describe.

I used to be someone who held their breath, even if concentrating on the smallest thing, and I have been able to become more breath aware, not just in the hot room, but in life, which has made such a difference, particularly when the inevitable difficulties of life crop up. It changes perspective and experience.

There is a mindfulness where there feels like there is more space in between ‘stuff’. It’s like it creates more room, not just between my vertebrae and joints, but in my mind and my heart.

The more I practice the more I feel a sense of things moving more slowly, less chaos, more calm. It’s definitely time and space for me, and a truly safe space. I’m almost always last out after Savasana, I just love that time. I always feel better on the mat. And afterwards. I always leave feeling lighter.

And now I have been able to make it my vocation, still working with people, still forming positive relationships, and still focusing on healing and therapy, but in a way which is also good for my own health and wellness. I am so grateful.

When you’re not in the studio, you are…

I am also a big Nature girl! I am lucky enough to live fairly close to Hampstead Heath, and it, alongside my kelpie and my mat, is my absolute oasis. I start to definitively wither if I don’t get my time out in nature. And my dog loves it as well.

London is the first place I’ve ever lived that isn’t on the coast, so I do miss the ocean, very much, but there is a real sense of happiness and calm when I am on the Heath and by the lakes. It really uplifts me.

What is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra literally translates as “yogic sleep”. In Yoga Nidra you lay very still, settled and comfortable and allow yourself to be guided by a Nidra teacher – you just close your eyes, be still and follow the voice.

Where did you first encounter Yoga Nidra?

I remember encountering this in our FG Teacher Training and it really impressing upon me.

It just took me off on a journey and I felt like I had all this space afterwards. Yoga asana does this for us, but through physical effort of yoga asana. Yoga Nidra does this through effortlessness, relaxation and stillness.

What are the benefits of Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra allows us to move within and between different levels of consciousness. It takes us away from our everyday lives. It is said to help us recognise ourselves as pure awareness.

According to yogic philosophy, there are three everyday states of consciousness: waking, dreaming, and sleeping. It is understood however that there is a secret, fourth state, called turiya, which is the experience of pure awareness and which can be accessed by meditation. The practice of Yoga Nidra can facilitate access to this fourth state.

Yoga Nidra gives you what you need in that moment, and can vary with each practice. If your need is purely physical, for instance, you are very tired – then it will be relaxing and rejuvenating.

However it can also help aspire to heartfelt longings, it can help us realise solutions, increase creativity and achieve a higher state of awareness.

Letting go, which is still a task in our asana practice, is an effortlessness practice in Yoga Nidra. It gives the mind and body a ‘time out’ and allows healing and awareness to occur on a deeper, more profound level. And truly letting the process naturally and organically unfold can bring unexpected benefits even whilst having intention. So if you just want to relax, then Yoga Nidra is for you. If you want to aspire towards solutions, awareness and creativity, then Yoga Nidra is for you. If you want to aspire towards Samadhi, then Yoga Nidra is for you. Whatever your intention, and whatever your mind and your body need, you will find some benefit. Yoga Nidra is for everyone.

Thank you Paula! Join Paula every Monday morning at 6:30am and now also for Nidra every fourth Sunday of the month, starting in June!

Teacher Close-up – Sara Gordon

For those of you who love a good Fierce Friday, you’ll have enjoyed the Sara Sandwich: 7am Fix, 10am Deep Core or 12:30pm Fierce Grace. Having celebrated Mothers’ Day earlier this month and currently launching our Off Peak membership (available to use for 10am and 12:30pm classes Monday – Friday, making it perfectly-post-school-run) we thought for this month’s Teacher Close-up we would catch up with our favourite yoga mama: introducing the fabulous Sara!

Sara, how did you first come to yoga? What about it made you stay?

I first did yoga when I was at dance college back in the late 90’s and l didn’t like it! Then when I moved to London I tried hot yoga and everything changed. I just loved it and I ended up working in a studio just so I could do it as much as possible. For me it has been a real slow burner. I have been practicing since about 2004 but at first it was purely the physical aspect I was into. The way I practice now is completely different.
Tell us a little about your ‘yoga journey’…
In 2011 I decided to go to LA  to complete the Bikram Teacher Training. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. After practicing 2 classes a day for 9 weeks I felt like a shiny new being. I taught my first ever class at Bikram Headquarters in LA the day after I graduated (talk about deep end!) They loved my accent so I got away with the class being 98 minutes long! I have been teaching full time since and I am so happy I had the opportunity to become one of the first Fierce Grace teachers.
You have a dancing background; how does yoga work alongside your dancing?
Perfectly! Yoga has kept me onstage keeping up with the young ones right up until I became pregnant last year.
How old is your little one? How have you found motherhood?
Cosmo has just recently had his 1st Birthday; he is the best boy. l am really lucky he’s just such a happy baby. I have found motherhood the most crazy, amazing, tearful and joyful time of growth.
Did you practice during your pregnancy? How did you find practice and teaching after having a baby?
Yes I practiced and taught throughout my pregnancy and I loved it; maybe that’s why Cosmo is so chilled! After having Cosmo I think I did my first class when he was 3 months old and it was so hard!!! It was a strange feeling for me to have no strength. I had to build up really slowly and I learnt not to push myself. In the early days with Cosmo we would do mummy and baby yoga every evening before bath time. It was really good for me to put some routine into place or the days can seem endless. Practicing for me now is all about the stolen moments: 20 minutes before or after I teach a class or in the evening at home once I put him to bed, but when I do manage to get to a class it’s magical because to have that small bit of time to yourself is so energising in so many ways and I enjoy it and appreciate it more now than ever before.
Has being a mum changed your dance / yoga schedule?
Yes I have to plan much more now. As my family are all in Scotland my childcare is not around the corner, although I have some great friends who are like family to me. Teaching yoga is a great job as a mother as it has meant I am working but not full-time so I still feel like I spend most of my time with Cosmo. I am lucky that my parents are only 55 and retired so they are regular visitors to London.
What’s your favourite pose and why? What do you find most challenging?
It changes all the time and at the moment l think it’s Toestand. I am loving having the strength again to lift my hips from my heel. Standing head to knee is an all-time fav though because it takes ages to get and you have got to be up for it and even then when you get your forehead to your knee you might still wobble so you just have to laugh and try again.
Any yoga tips for mums?
I have 3 wee tips!
1. Get a mat at home and practice with your baby. There are loads of classes on youtube. It’s not the same as coming to the studio, but in the early days it will get you stronger.
2. When pushing the buggy, make sure you relax your shoulders. I have to remind myself all the time not to tense whilst pushing.
3. Practicing in the studio a few times a week will allow you to just be you again. It’s one of the only places where you have to focus so much on what you are doing that you can’t think about being a mum; you need this for you body and your mind.
Thanks Sara!

Teacher Close-up – Lisa Hong

After a glorious Valentine’s Day at the Fierce Grace Brixton studio with Nina’s Partner Stretching class, we’re certainly in the mood for love this February; for our Teacher Spotlight this month we have the lovely Lisa Hong! Lisa got engaged to fellow Fierce Grace teacher Adam Willoughby at the end of last year. We are in awe of their fitness-filled schedule! We thought it would be a great opportunity to learn a little more about how Fierce Grace yoga supports an active lifestyle…

Congratulations on your engagement! We know you and Adam met through yoga – it must be great to partner up with someone in the same industry, do you guys work out together?

Adam and I met four years ago at the Fierce Grace studio in Old Street. He worked on reception and I had just got back from a Hot Yoga training. Two years into our relationship we decided to do the Fierce Grace yoga training together.

Do you guys train together?

We practice yoga together at the weekends and I go to Adam’s Thai Boxing classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Work It London.

We know you’re quite a gym bunny, what other exercise do you do?
Alongside teaching yoga I practice yoga twice a week, Thai boxing twice a week and follow a strength-training program that I do five times a week.

Also a Fierce Grace teacher, Adam manages a gym also. How does yoga fit into his lifestyle? Does it help his training?

Adam started professional Thai boxing 12 years ago and has been practicing hot yoga now for over 8 years. Yoga is the perfect complement to his Thai boxing! He fits in at least 4 sessions a week to keep mobile and calm him from the high intensity, high impact gym training.

How did you first come to yoga and what about it made you stay?
I started practicing around six years ago to relieve my stresses as a stylist. I initially loved that it made me lose weight! Plus the amazing effects after class of making me feel so present kept me coming back.

What’s your favourite pose and why? What do you find most challenging?
My favourite posture is Standing Head To Knee. It’s a challenge but the pure pleasure of total control coming into and out of the balance makes me feel a sense of achievement each and every single time. When I do fall out it makes me feel human.

My most challenging posture is Spine Compass. You can tell a lot about a person from Spine Compass such as how hard they will work for the rest of the practice. The mental challenge of going into it slowly but strong and holding can set your entire class.

Any tips for beginners?

My tips for beginners are the same for advanced:
And take it slow
Learn to enjoy your moment

Lisa teaches Fierce Grace and Classic at the Fierce Grace Brixton studio. Come and enjoy your moment with her for her regular 10am Classic class on Mondays and keep an eye on the schedule www.fiercegracebrixton.co.uk/schedule Congratulations to our power-house dynamic duo Lisa and Adam!

1st Anniversary Weekend

Thank You for making this year possible – come join us celebrating our 1st year in Brixton! Here’s what we have planned over our Birthday weekend – as we think Birthday celebrations should last longer than a day!!


Friends Open Weekend 4 -6th December

As it’s our Birthday, we’d like your friends to join the party too. The more the merrier right? Over our Friends Open Weekend, we’re inviting all members to bring along non-Fierce Grace friends for free. You can bring along one friend per class, proving they register online before hand. This also makes you eligible for our 1-2-3 -FREE offer*; whereupon getting three friends to sign up  -equals one month of free classes for you! *Ask at reception for more details.


Funky FIX & Party 5th December

Come and get your FIX to loud funky music, followed by our anniversary party.

Fix class 5.30 -6.30pm – Book Online  

Spots are first come first served. Funky Fix is included in any Fierce Grace Brixton membership. If you do not have an active package just pay the drop-in fee.

Anniversary Party 7pm – late, music, dance, drink and pizza. Book Online

Invitation open to anyone who has attended Fierce Grace Brixton in the last year or who comes to Funky Fix.

It has been such an incredible year – we can’t wait to see what next year has in store for FGB.

We’d like to say a huge Thank You to all our loyal supporters who’ve been on the journey with us so far, and what better was to do that by throwing a party, of course!