What’s in store for 2018

We catch up with the FG Brixton Team to find out what they’re looking forward to in 2018. It’s going to be a great year – we can feel it!

Katie: “More yoga. More peace and love”

Nigel: “Meeting new members – getting to know existing members even better – supporting members, teacher and staff in the wonders and benefits of FG hot yoga – and practising even more myself!!! Making 2018 “The Year””

Serena: “a year of growth, self expression and new possibilities”

Rebekah: “A year of happiness, family and love… and I’m really excited about getting married!”

Dilana: “I’m looking forward to completing my degree!”

Glenn: “Putting down the heavy weight of 2017 and walking into this beautiful new chapter in life.”

Jo: “More blessings, less lessons and discovering what unfolds as I continue my yoga journey.”

Lila: “More bucket list travel!”

Tori: “In 2018, I’m looking forward to dancing and having more fun. And practicing the new IN class. See you there yogis!”