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A workshop by Pete Cherry

Saturday 24th February and Saturday 10th March, 3.30pm to 5pm

This two session course is designed to introduce you to the core fundamentals of pranayama practice. In week one we will be focusing on breath anatomy, mula bandha, ujjayi and kapalabhati. In week two, we will focus on the correlation between pranayama and meditation focusing on anuloma viloma, uddiyana bandha and jalandhara bandha. Please leave more than two hours after eating before attending either workshop and be aware that some practices are unsuitable during pregnancy.
 £25 early bird
£50 for both sessions (if purchased by Sunday the 18th of Feb.)
 £30 at the door for each session

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The Beast

Each Saturday 12.45 – 2.30pm.

‘The Beast’ is our toughest class yet, Fierce aka The Beast is guaranteed to challenge even the most experienced yoga practitioner to take their practice to new heights.

What is ‘Fierce’?  Blending arm balancing poses, deep hip opening, inversions, lotus, shoulder opening, deep backbends and deeper meditation, this class is 1 hour and 45 minutes of intense hot yoga challenge.  Requiring strength, flexibility, balance, patience and a sense of humour, it is taught in an encouraging atmosphere; you are encouraged to work at your own pace while learning the correct stages of entry into these challenging poses, whilst advanced yoga students are encouraged to explore new horizons under expert guidance. 

“Fierce” makes us superhuman with its wide alphabet of physical, emotional and spiritual expression. It’s the ultimate expression of Fierce Grace. Ready?

Health Warning:  This class should only be undertaken if you have at least three years practice under your belt and are proficient at the Fierce Grace class.  If unsure, ask a senior teacher if they think you are ready. 

A user-friendly Intermediate / Advanced class.  Learn the developments of the poses you have learned in the other classes. We will encourage you, while pushing you. If you are new to it, we will help you learn the steps to master some of the most glamorous poses in yoga. If you are an advanced practitioner, we will guide you to new heights.

Key benefits: Stamina, grace, flexibility and strength. Learn to use the body to deepened awareness, meditation, lack of ego. Take your practice to new heights.